Service Group

PRAPAT provides a wide range of services to customers in order to expand the business on the main customer base, as well as supports the sale of various solution products, which are the main products of the Company Group. At present, the Company obtains revenue from 5 types of services as following details:

1. Provide OEM Contract manufacturing services of solution products

The Company provides contract manufacturing services for cleaning agents, disinfectants under the customer's brand, including Multi-Purpose Liquid Cleanser, Dishwashing Liquid, etc. The company shall identify the customer needs, product properties and specific characteristics of the solution products required by the customer, then develop formulas or a mixture of solutions according to the customer's request, along with calculate the cost of manufacturing such solutions and send proposals to customers. Once the customer accepts the proposals provided, the Company shall enter into an annual contract with the customer specifying the quantity and production in the terms of the contract. Furthermore, the contract stipulates that the Company shall not be able to compete with customers or use the customer's formula for marketing by itself. In the contract manufacturing, PRAPAT stipulates the conditions for mass production in bulk in order to deliver the products to the customers to perform self-packing for further distribution or provides ready-made product packaging services according to different types of packaging that customers require to distribute immediately, such as jars, cans, bags, gallons, re-fills, etc.

2. Provide food courts and cafeterias management services.

The Company provides a full range of food court and cafeterias management services, comprising the provision of dishwashing machines, container service staff, cleaning equipment and products, as well as the installation of a billing system and payment system in the food court. To provide such services, the Company enters into an annual contract with the food courts such as the Samyan Mitrtown food court, the MBK food court, office buildings cafeterias, and educational institutions canteens, etc. These operations are intended to support the sale of solutions and various products as well, including kitchen products, floor cleaning products, laundry products, etc.

3. Providing care, repair and maintenance services for machinery of the Company Group.

Due to most of the Company's machinery and equipment are the main components used for operating the business and supporting the sales of mainstream products, namely laundry detergents, cleaning and disinfectant products, dishwashing liquids, drying agent, etc. Maintaining the efficiency of equipment is necessary, the Company therefore arranges a technician team to provide care, repair and maintenance of its machinery under the name of "Mechanic Center", comprising of a team of experienced and skillful technicians with the electrician certification standards. In addition, the center is fully equipped with modern tools. It provides appropriate guidance and problem solving support to customers through the Company's Hotline Service, covering service areas throughout Thailand. The technician team provides service to the customer after receiving the repair request from the customer within 24 hours for Bangkok and vicinities and within 48 hours for the provincial areas. In addition, after the technician team has completed the technical service. The service department checks the quality of work by calling the customer to inquire about customer satisfaction. In the past, the Company has received excellent customer satisfaction. In this regard, maintenance can be divided into 2 types:

3.1 Preventive Maintenance

It is also called planned maintenance. It is the maintenance procedure according to the work plan in order to maintain the working condition of the machinery and equipment to be able to operate continuously efficiently not to damage which may affect the business operation of the customer.

3.2 Corrective Maintenance

It is the maintenance of equipment that has been damaged until it cannot be used. The technician team of the Company's Mechanic Center provides repair or replacement service of equipment with charge on a case by case basis.

In addition, the Company also provides other special services to its customers, including inspecting the washing formula efficiency, checking the washing machine performance, inspecting hygienic and germ, providing research and laboratory services, checking the quality of water used and water in the washing process, as well as organizing a safety training for the use of solutions for personnel of interested customers.

4. Rent an automatic container washing machine.

TSS is the operator for renting automatic container washing machines to customers of all business groups. Machine rental is divided into 2 types as follows:

4.1 General Rental

A general rental is a rent of a container dishwashing machine for a fixed term contract on a yearly basis. It consists of renting out automatic container washing machines with cleaning solution for the entire lease term and renting out automatic container washing machines with a separate cleaning solution cost, which the customer must pay the rent on a monthly basis and buy container washing solution and drying agent separately.

4.2 Leasing

The leasing is a rental agreement in which the customer is entitled to purchase the container washing machine at the price specified in the contract at the end of the lease term.

5. Provide swimming pool design, installation and maintenance services

Swimming pool design, installation and maintenance services are carried out by MP, consisting of a team with knowledge and expertise in swimming pools that can respond to and serve the needs of customers as well, including providing consulting service, procuring materials and equipment, constructing pool, providing pool maintenance and comprehensive cleaning solutions.