Energy-efficient water heater products

PRAPAT is a distributor of energy-efficient heat pump under the brand of “PP ENERGY”, a water heater for the hospitality industry such as hotels, resorts, hospitals, restaurants, etc. The Company orders the products under OEM conditions from overseas manufacturers such as China for distributing to customers, as well as creates production orders and/or places orders of various accessories from suppliers in Thailand. In addition, PRAPAT operates the business of providing a full range of consulting and installation services of heating appliances by a team with experience and expertise, resulting in the Company gains customer trust as well.

A water heater is a heating device drawing heat from the air and transferring heat to the water, causing the water to rise to the desired temperature of the user. The water heater is a heating device to replace the use of steam boilers or boilers that requires energy from biomass fuel or electricity, which helps users save costs. The water heater is suitable for use in hotels, resorts, hospitals, industrial plants as they can quickly produce large volumes of hot water in the desired temperature range. It can stabilize the hot water temperature in the system at a certain temperature range before accelerating the heater to the desired temperature for its use, which is another way to save energy.