Household Products

PRAPAT has expanded the market to household customers (Business-to-Customer: B2C) in addition to industrial business customers (Business-to-Business: B2B), because it sees that the Company's liquids are essential products for every household. Moreover, the Company still has production capacity remaining from production to support the distribution of products to industrial customers. Therefore, a research and development department was set up to develop formulas suitable for household customers and in quantities suitable for household use. Such products must be of a quality that is not harmful to consumers, certified by the relevant authorities at affordable and competitive prices in the consumer goods industry.

The Company distributes household cleaning products under the brand of “Solvable Gang” since 2004, namely “Green Waks” and “Oxywax” detergents, “Rose” fabric softener, "Shining" dishwashing liquid and “Pinky” liquid floor cleaner, etc., as well as distributing various cleaning products and accessories such as multi-purpose wipes, black garbage bags, toilet paper, portable alcohol-based liquid or gels, etc. for distribution channels for household products. The Company will distribute through the digital sales team in various online channels, including Shopee, Lazada, Facebook, Line@, etc. As a result, consumers can choose to conveniently buy the Company's products.