Disinfectant products

PRAPAT is a manufacturer of general cleaning solutions and disinfectants under the trademark of “PEERAPAT”, namely multi-purpose cleaners, increasing the washing efficiency solution, etc. Furthermore, in order to expand customer groups to the food and beverage manufacturing industries, therefore the Company has established a subsidiary, Calvatis-Asia Pacific Company Limited (CVT), engaging in the business of importing machinery and equipment for sterilization systems installing in food and beverage manufacturing plants for supporting the distribution of disinfectants produced under the chemical formula and trademark of “Calgonit”. which is a brand of Calvatis GmbH (“Calvatis GmbH”) from Germany (a joint venture holding CVT shares in the proportion of 200% of the paid-up capital). Calvatis GmbH is an expert international disinfectant manufacturer with state-of-the-art technology and marketing networks in many countries around the world. CVT has a sufficiently experience and expertise in such products for more than 20 years. As a result, customers in the food and beverage manufacturing industries put their trust in CVT's products and services as well.

Food and beverage manufacturing factories must obtain “Good Manufacturing Practice: GMP”, which requires quality control of raw materials and hygiene throughout the entire production process. Therefore, cleanliness in the factory is extremely important. Food and beverages produced must be free from pathogens that affect consumers’ trust in the products. Disinfectants used for food and beverage industries must have special properties that are different from general disinfectant products which must contain a component of disinfectant and sanitizer.

CVT provides a full range of cleaning equipment installation services in food and beverage factories to support the distribution of disinfectants to such customers as follows:

In this regard, PRAPAT and CVT disinfectant products can be divided into 5 groups with details as follows:

1. Foam products

Foam cleaning system is an accepted and suitable cleaning method implementing in the food and beverage industries. Foaming Disinfectant Cleaners are excellent for disinfecting and removing stains on factory machinery and equipment. There are 2 types of foam products as follows:

Acid Foam
Highly concentrated, high foaming, suitable for getting rid of scales and stubborn stains in food and beverage industries.
Alkali Foam
Foam products designed to remove grease and protein stains in the food and beverage industries

2. Clean in Place products

CIP solution for wet cleaning of food and beverage industries includes detergents, cleaning agents, disinfectant solution. CIP cleaning does not require disassembly of equipment or machinery. These products are therefore suitable for food and beverage industries in continuous production lines or closed system machines. CIP products are divided into two types as follows:

Alkaline CIP This range of products is used to remove stubborn protein and fat embedded in CIP recirculation system. Such products are easy to rinse out.
Acid CIP This range of products is used for getting rid of scales and stubborn stains embedded in the CIP recirculation system and immersion cleaning. Such products are suitable for the food and beverage industries. Users can accurately determine the residue and concentration of the products.

3. Disinfectant

Disinfectant products contain chemical compounds for destroying microorganisms or pathogens on surfaces of food and beverage production equipment. CVT disinfectants are divided into two types as follows:

QAC (Quaternary Ammonium Compounds) disinfectants are specially developed to be able to sterilize all conditions, penetrate the surface well, do not corrode all metals and do not affect plastic surface or machine structures. It activates by destroying Gram-positive bacteria (Spore forming lactic acid and bacteria) and Gram-negative bacteria (Bacteria causing food spoilage) as well.
PAA (Peracetic Acid) disinfectants are high-performance disinfectants acting both cleaning agents and disinfectants that can directly come into contact with food without leaving any residue affecting food. These products are suitable for sterilization in the CIP recirculation system eliminating bacteria, fungi, yeast and viruses.

4. Lubricant

Conveyor belt lubricant is used for cleaning conveyor belts to guarantee production capacity and hygienic accuracy from every packaging process. This is to prevent contaminants contaminating food and beverage products. CVT conveyor belt lubricants are compatible with all packaging materials and also environmentally friendly. There are 2 groups of lubricants as follows:

Soap base products are lubricants to inject onto the conveyor belt to reduce friction between the belt surface and the bottle or package to prevent rust, fungi and bacteria. Since soap products are water soluble, they are not suitable for use on plastic belts because they will cause stains, causing the plastic belt not slip.
Synthetic base lubricants are waterproof conveyor belt spray lubricants suitable for all types of conveyor belts.

5. General cleaning products

These products are used for cleaning and removing grease, protein and various stains. They can be easily rinsed out and not harmful to the environment, such as multi-purpose cleaners, increasing the washing efficiency solution, etc.