Laundry Products

We are a manufacturer and distributor of both liquid hygiene cleaning and powder hygiene cleaning for hotel and resort customers under the trademark of "PEERAPAT". In addition, the Company has expanded its customer groups to hospital business, restaurant group, laundry group and the livestock group, which will be operated by a subsidiary, Allies Intertrade Company Limited (AL), so that the Company can clearly separate its target customers, because customers in such business groups need to use specific detergents with special cleansing properties than general laundry detergents for cleaning contaminated fabrics such as blood stains, grease stains, feces, secretions, etc.

The laundry detergents of the Company and its subsidiaries are divided into 6 groups as follows:

1. Washing products

The washing products can be divided into 2 types: Powder Detergent and Water Detergent, consisting of chemical compounds for cleaning all types of fabrics. They help to remove dirt stains on the fabric to come off and dissolve in the water. The water detergents are easily soluble so they are highly effective in removing deep-down dirt. They are suitable for washing clothes for children and people with sensitive skin and chemical allergies because the water detergent products would not leave residues behind.

2. Bleaching products

There are two types of fabric bleaching products, namely Chlorine Bleach which has the bleaching property to make the fabrics white and bright, especially suitable for washing white clothes, and Oxygen Bleach serves to remove common stains and give the fabric a bright color. They are suitable for cleaning colored fabrics.

3. Alkali builder products

The Alkali builder products have the property to adjust the chemical alkalinity of water and make washing more efficient. By increasing of the alkalinity of water, contaminants on the fabric can come off the fabric more easily.

4. Degreasing products

The degreasing products are added with a special chemical compound to make it easier to remove grease and oil stains from the fabric.

5. Water conditioner products

Water conditioner products contain chemical compounds with water conditioning properties to adjust the acid-base in the water, causing the fabric to be neutral (pH Balance), not causing irritation when the fabric touches the skin after washing.

6. Fabric softener products

Fabric softeners are added with chemical compounds to make the fabric softer. They coat the fabric to make it smoother and softer, as well as reduce the fabric friction. Those who touch the fabric will feel that the fabric is thick and fluffy. Furthermore, the fabric softeners also help clothes dry faster and make ironing faster and easier due to their hydrophobic properties. At present, the Company also adds fragrance ingredients to the fabric softeners to make clothes smelling fresh.