Swimming Pool Products

PRAPAT is a distributor of swimming pool chemicals, as well as conducts the business of importing and distributing prefabricated swimming pool under the brand of “Magiline” from France. PRAPAT has been appointed as a distributor in Thailand. Magiline's products are innovative, easy to maintain and take only 2 weeks to build. It meets the needs of customers and pool contractors in the real estate development projects.

For the swimming pools that require construction, they will be operated by the Company’s subsidiary, Mr Pool Company Limited (MP), which operates a fully integrated swimming pool business including designing, system installation, and construction of swimming pools, cleaning and maintaining of swimming pools, as well as selling the swimming pools chemicals and equipment. MP has a team with expertise in swimming pools that can respond to and provide services according to customer needs as well, such as consulting, procurement of materials and construction operations. As a result, the Company has gained the trust of customers from various businesses, including hotel business, real estate development business and customers having single-family house with swimming pool. MP has more than 25 years of experience in swimming pool business. Currently, MP is a distributor of Pentair swimming pool equipment, the most recognized global brand in the world manufactured in the United States. MP is appointed as a direct distributor of Pentair.

PRAPAT and MP's swimming pool products consist of 3 categories as follows:

Swimming Pool Equipment 

MP is a distributor of equipment for swimming pools consisting of swimming Pool filter, swimming pool pump, salt chlorination system, swimming pool lighting, water fountain pipes, swimming pool accessories, etc. MP's swimming pool products are well-​recognized products manufactured by overseas manufacturers such as Pentair from USA, Davey from Australia and Gemas from Turkey. MP has been continuously appointed as a distributor in Thailand.

Swimming Pools Chemicals

Swimming pool chemicals consist of specialty and general chemicals which can be divided into two types according to the purpose:

  • Chemical Disinfection Products namely Chlorine, Pure salt, etc.
  • Water quality control Products such as water softeners, etc.

Prefabricated swimming pool

PRAPAT has been appointed as a distributor in Thailand of prefabricated swimming pools under the brand of “Magiline” from France. Magiline prefabricated swimming pools are innovative, easy to maintain and take only 2 weeks to build.