Building Care Products

PRAPAT manufactures and distributes various household chemicals and all types of floor cleaning solutions, including general room floor, kitchen floor, bathroom floor, etc. They are highly effective solutions under the standard accepted by many business customers such as hotel business, restaurant business hospital business, etc. The Company also provides a full range of machinery and equipment for cleaning the floor.

PRAPAT's household and floor cleaning products are divided into 3 types as follows:

1. Floor cleaning liquids

Disinfecting Floor Cleaners

There are several types of floor cleaners with cleaning, disinfecting and varnishing properties, available for all types of applications and divided by surface type, including multi-purpose floor cleaners, disinfectant floor cleaner, etc.

Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner 

There are many types of detergents available for daily cleaning tasks with features of cleaning floors, walls, bathrooms, sanitary ware, as well as weekly cleaning tasks for rust and heavy stains, namely daily bathroom cleaner (Green Label), heavy duty acid bathroom cleaner and disinfecting bathroom cleaner, etc.

Glass Cleaner

PRAPAT offers ready-to-use cleaning solutions and concentrated cleaning solutions that must be mixed with water in a proportional ratio prior to use.

2. Hand sanitizers and alcohol gel/spray sanitizers are divided into 2 types as follows:

Liquid hand sanitizers and antiseptic foams

Gel & spray sanitizer

3. Floor cleaning machines and equipment

Floor cleaning machines and equipment distributed by PRAPAT for use in conjunction with the Company's floor cleaning solution or to meet the needs of customers to be able to purchase complete equipment from a single supplier include cleaning vehicles, floor scrubbers, vacuum cleaners and sprinklers, etc.

4. Cleaning equipment

Cleaning equipment distributed by PRAPAT includes equipment for work in the housekeeping department, consisting of 200 items, such as floor polishing pads, scrub sponges, glass cleaning equipment, brooms, mops, trolleys, rubber mats, trash cans, and toilet paper.